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SLP Statements & Leaflets

CONSTITUTION of the Socialist Labor Party of America


(13 pp, 43K)

INTERVENTION & UNION WORK: An SLP Handbook (PDF) (18 pp, 64K)

To the PROSPECTIVE MEMBER of the Socialist Labor Party (PDF) (7 pp, 37K)

PLATFORM of the Socialist Labor Party of America



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The Socialist Program

The Socialist Program (graphic) (PDF)
(1 pg, 128K)

Socialist Industrial Unionism: The Workers' Power


Civil Liberties and Repression (2006)

Mumia Abu-Jamal and Capitalist 'Justice' (1995)

The S. 1 Menace: Why It Can't Be 'Reformed' (1978)

What's Behind Attacks on Democratic Rights? (1978)

WTO Protests & Seattle's Police Riot (2000)


Getting Something for Nothing (1995)

Resolution on 'Reaganomics' and the American Workers (1981)

What's Behind Productivity Drives? (1977)


The Energy Crisis (1977) (PDF) (5 pp, 88K)

Shortages—Whose Fault? (1974)

Socialism and Nuclear Power (1981)

The Socialist Alternative to Nuclear Catastrophe (1979)


A Marxist Repudiation of the Massacre at Tiananmen Square (1989)

The Middle East Conflict (1978) (PDF)
(9 pp, 108K)

The Polish Crisis (1981)

Southern Africa and U.S. Workers (1977)


Global Warming: All Talk, No Action Worsens Threat (2005)

Who Are the Polluters? How Capitalism Is Destroying the Earth! (1998)


The Campaign Reform Hoax (1974)

Politicians Promise and Things Get Worse! ...WHY? (1997)

The Threat to Free Elections (1976)

Your Vote: Some Thoughts on Politics (1972)


Affirmative Action Under Attack: What's at Stake in the Bakke Case? (1978)

Capitalism and Apartheid (1985)

The Death of Amadou Diallo (2000)

Racism: Why It's Still With Us (1994)

Resolution on the Menace of Racism (1981)

Resolution on the Rodney King Verdict (1992)


The Oklahoma City Bombing (1995)

Socialists Condemn Terrorist Attacks (2001)


The AFL-CIO: What Has It Done for America's Workers? (1981)

Child Labor Still America's Shame (1994)

Here Today and Gone Tomorrow: The Plight of America's Temporary Workers (1998)

Out of Work (2001)

Sneak Attack on Labor Standards (1996)

Strike! (1993)

Technology and Job Loss (2005)

Unions and the Class Struggle (2006)

What's Wrong With the Labor Unions? (1998)


Afghanistan and Iraq: The Wars and How to Stop Them (2006)

Brinkmanship in Southeast Asia (1972)

Hands Off Panama! (1989)

Imperialism in the Caribbean: What's U.S. Capitalism After? (1982)

The Iraq Mess (2004)

The Issue Is Survival (1978)

The Military Budget (1981)

Nicaragua: Where Are We Heading? (1985)

Resolution Against Militarism (1981)

Resolution on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (2001) (PDF)
(3 pp, 56K)

Resolution on Puerto Rico (1995)

Stop Bombing Vieques! (2000)

Stop the War on Yugoslavia! (1999)

Take a Stand Against the Draft—Say 'NO' to Militarism (1980)

Torture: An Imperative of Imperialist Domination (2004)

War in the Gulf! (1991)

Why Capitalism Can't Freeze the Arms Race (1982)

Why War on Iraq? (2003)


The Abortion Issue: A Socialist View (1976)

Resolution on Abortion (1981)

Socialists and Women's Day (1977)


The Church and the Class Struggle (1981)

The Immigration Issue: Who Benefits? (2007)

How Should We Celebrate the Bicentennial? (1976)

How the Socialist Labor Party Differs From the IWW

Socialism—Its Meaning and Promise (2006)

Ukrainian Deception Exposed (2003)

What's Behind the Attack on Public Education? (1998)

What's the Difference (Between the SLP and Other "Socialists"?)

For SLP views on current events, see The People.

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